Seaweed the dog.
ARF-ARF is located in Rockaway Beach, NY.  We are an organization with a focus in serving the common needs of the very large number of dogs and
their loving companions in Rockaway, NY.  Our ultimate goal is to become an invaluable resource for all the pet owners in the Rockaways and to continue to work for more leashed and off leash recreation for dogs and their owners and to make people (including non dog owners) aware that social dogs who receive plenty of exercise are well behaved dogs.  We often provide informational material about how people can better take care of their animals and advocate humane treatment of their pets.  People who have healthy pets tend to have a more healthy lifestyle. We are proud to boast that Freeway Dog Park is one of the largest official dog parks within the five boroughs of New York City. 

Atticus the puggle at the Freeway Dog Run
Residents of surrounding communities also frequent the park.  We have sponsored various activities to make dog owners aware of the existence of our beautiful dog park and to improve the features and services of this facility.  We have already created a separate section of the dog park as a small dog run, installed “poop-bag” holders, benches at various locations throughout the park, and a waterproof bulletin board to inform visitors to the park of any pertinent news and activities. All this has served to make the park more user-friendly and improved the dog park experience for all visitors.  

We are constantly working with the New York City Department of Parks to improve and add to these features.We have also sponsored various activities such as shelter drives to assist the homeless animal population here in New York City, as well as bringing local shelters to do adoption drives at each of our events.  At each of these events we have also partnered with other non profit organizations that provide free or low cost animal health services and/or low cost microchipping for the many residents who are on a low or fixed income and could not otherwise afford these services or make it to these facilities. We are continuously finding new ways of serving the community, animal and human alike.


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